Wednesday, August 13, 2008

August 13, 2008, my grandmother really wanted to be here for this day; she would have been 100, but unfortunately she passed away four months too soon. Her spirit will be remembered, cherished, and celebrated always. On this special day, I've been looking forward to sharing some pictures. Enjoy!
The question I'm always asked, since I am one, is "Linda, where really do fairy princesses come from?" On this special day, I guess it's OK to let the family secret out. Below, with my grandma in the center, is the truth. But, Shhhhhhh... Remember, it's our little secret and it will never be spoken of again.
Opal Van Valkenburgh with her six great-grandchildren on December 26th, 2001.
(From back-to-front, left-to-right) Henry, Dusty (mine!), Christopher, Alex, Great-Grandma, Francis, and Dylan (yep, this one's mine too!). And yes, Francis has got the fairy princess thang goin' on too. Grandma's great-granddaughter doesn't fall far from the tree. Oops... Ok, this time it will never be spoken of again. Swear...
Happy Birthday Grandma!
Love you!!!

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