Thursday, March 27, 2008

Funny story to go with the picture:

Last week I saw this Woodland Fairy Tutu on I showed it to my husband and mentioned that it would be fun for me to wear during our walks in the woods near our home. Or another idea, I wear it when my teenage sons are having their friends over. My husband thought it would be humorous too. For Easter, he told me to order it as a present from him. I did.

Tina, the gal that makes the tutu, just emailed me and asked, "how large is your daughter? Would you like the tutu in a toddler or child size?" Too funny! I emailed her back, and while dragging my foot across the ground in embarrassment, I told her it was for me. I explained that I was an average 49 year old: not too big, not too small, a little on the eccentric side, so a large child sized tutu would probably fit. Tina replied back, "I wondered when this was going to happen..."

Am I crazy or what?! Probably scar my boys for life! (She said, while rubbing her hands together and nervously giggling...) Now I just got to find a magical woodland fairy wand...

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Deryn Mentock said...

No doubt you'll scar him for life! This thing will suck every drop of testosterone from the air! Poor, unsuspecting boy!